Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trying Something New

Last night a former coworker and good friend, Grace, stopped by to discuss her new logo design with Shug. She needs a logo for her coffee shop that will be opening in a little over a month. It was just a few weeks ago that she and I worked our last shift together at the coffee shop where I am still employed. Grace had been at the shop for about seven years.

Words can't describe how proud I am of her! Lately, I've been beginning to feel the pressures of adulthood and the realization that many things are NOT possible if I just put my mind to them...I'm not complaining about this fact, just recognizing that I never will become a surgeon or physician; a life goal that I finally retired after years of rejection letters, a depleted bank account, and the selfishness of living a life where I can be present with my loved ones. I also will never be a rock star, but we needn't delve into my "woulda-coulda-shoulda" list...!

What I am so very proud of is Grace's ability to stick to her dream, her tenacity through all of the tar and cement and sludge that settles in as we near certifiable "adulthood." We both have worked for small businesses our entire lives, but always for men. Now Grace will be a female business-owner where the stats say it's still 300 men to 1 woman. I admire her so much for uprooting herself from her comfort zone, her routine, her everyday life to dream big. I admire her because she is strong, brave, and a little bit crazy.

I'm going to take Grace's jump into business ownership as a lesson and an inspiration: even if some dreams may not be attainable any more, there are still new ones that can be created.

So, New Decade, let's try something new...

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