Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Robin

Time passed in my twenties like a silent-winged robin.  Soundlessly flitting by, looking down on me from above as I spent sleepless, happy nights learning the roadmaps of Salt Lake City's streets and my now-husband's heart.  Time's feathers would ease the clock along, pushing gently towards my "future."  I would sleep though a season and awaken to slightly burnished leaves or freshly-fallen snow, knowing that time was coasting by, but at a pace with which I was comfortable.

I soon had life events that began to mark the passing time: study abroads, graduate degrees, marriage, and the like.  Sure, I'd find another silver bastard hair nestled in my dark roots every so often, but I had a job and peers that seemed to stay the same.  All of us still excited for what lay ahead, we seemed not to stagnate, but float on the wave that carried us year-to-year.

Today marks the third anniversary since I've been lucky enough to call the love of my life "husband."  I can honestly say it feels like it's been about six months since our wedding and I am reeling from how quickly these past three years have spun by us.  I have a slingshot aimed at that damned robin now, it has been much too sly in pushing the clock along now that I've found my partner in crime!

Does the time pass more quickly because we are older? Or is it because we are busier?

This upcoming year I hope to spend more time with my husband, because he has only improved with time.  I want to spend more time with the caring, strong, and hilarious man that kept me up all of those warm and blurry summer nights.  I want to thank him for carrying me through two graduate degrees and the harrows of adult life.  It is so easy to get caught up in the little details and busy-ness of day-to-day life and ignore the things we've been living for all along.

To my Shug, I thank you for being my husband and for loving me.  I love you.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh, hai.

Why, hello!  Where have you been for the last half-year, you ask?  Oh, just caught up in the ever-quickening pace of adulthood.  And let me tell you, the perks...let's just say they be few and far between.

The crap no one ever tells you about being a grown up include:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Link Love and Lovelies

Whew, you guys.  These past few weeks have been...well, let's just say I'm in need of some sweet distractions.  Midterms and my research proposal were honestly the least of my worries.  I am really thankful that I get a week of Spring Break to spend with my family, especially Sissyteef!

Over the break I'm going to try my hand at some DIY projects.  These are a couple of projects you may have seen from my Twitter stream!  While my clay beads didn't really turn out as I had expected, my gold- and copper- dipped vases were a success!

I'm looking forward to time to relax, do a little spring cleaning, go to brunch, and barre class, too!

Here's to a restful, restorative, and creative weekend!

I just may DIY this Spring Break!

I've been swooning over Rodarte's star clips, now I can make them!

Or I could make a veiled beanie...Chic and cozy!

Leopard print nails are fun!

Imma make this and then inhale.

Maybe I'll fix up mah hairz this pretty way.

And this DIY takes the cake!  I will hopefully have one to show you!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Link Love and Lovelies

Well, hello there!  How have you all been in forever-inspiring-blogger-land?  Let me tell you, I have been up to exciting stuff here in the 'Teef household.  For the past month I have been engaged in some incredibly amazing events...
But, it's all just school stuff!

And I'm not gonna bore you with me figuring our my thesis research, getting a research committee assembled, clinical genetics, inborn errors of metabolismzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

See, exciting stuff, I tell ya;).
In all honesty, though, I have had some "best days" with Shug lately!  We had a really sweeetsies Valentine's Day, complete with champers and a cheezy rom-com (Watch Crazy, Stupid, Love now. RUN.)  We've also just had some lazy Sundays with a home-cooked dinner and enough laughter to make wine squirt out of my nose!  With our crazy schedules, all I really look forward to is time with him and the pups.

Well, I'm not making any promises, but I hope to see you soon around here!
Have a lovely weekend!

THIS.  Over and over.

I love Garance!

And her opinion on this.

Cute puppy collars!

Great DIY project with the cutest dog!


Ready for spring brights!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all have a lovely day and get to spend it with someone special!

Miss you guys!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Link Love and Lovelies

Shhhh.  Can you hear that?  It's the last seconds of my winter break ticking away, slowly but surely.  I feel I got SO much accomplished in these past few weeks, I also still have a laundry list of "to-do's" that just didn't get any attention!  I must say, it was so very nice to catch up with good friends, some of them on similar paths with me in the education world.  I may have had too many sweets, too much wine, and not enough sleep and I am THRILLED that I did!  I am wrapping up my break this weekend by spending some time with Mummateef and maybe having some drinks with Supermodel and BBF.

I hope you have a nice and restorative weekend!  Here's some love to get you through the weekend!

~ The sweetest little skull I ever did see!

~ Who says we need a New Year for a sequin photobooth?

~ Elbow patch the world!!!

~ Cutest style.

~ LOVE this no-makeup look.

~ I'll take one of everything, please.

~ Maybe I'll be sipping a few of these this weekend!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Resolutions Over Here...

...But I definitely have a list of things I'd like to focus on more in 2012.

I have to begin with telling you that I had a teensy-weensy existential crisis the other day, after perusing many of the beautiful blogs that I'd been neglecting over the course of the semester.  One of the blogs has been recounting the journey of this painfully hip couple in adopting their 9-year-old daughter from Africa.  Now I had just assumed that this couple was in their late twenties-early thirties.  They are a very talented design and photography team and really seem to have their shit together.  PLUS they are adopting a little girl, which means they have, like, super-ultra-shit-togetherness.  A recent post was a celebratory birthday post for the wife...who was turning 23...!  Yep, 2-3.  Not even MID-twenties and this chick is traveling over oceans to adopt her daughter!!!

Yeah, downward spiral into self doubt and deprecation ensued.  I started to notice ALL of the blogs I've been admiring are made by CHILDREN.  There is some young-successful-hipster-vitamin-gene that makes really beautiful blogs and websites and updates them daily.  These kids have careers, are married, have kid(s) of their own, pay mortgages, and post daily pictures of their abominably cute outfits.  In a sentence: I felt really behind.

After a few deep breaths and an episode of Friday Night Lights, I took a little inventory of where I am and where I'd like to be.  To be honest, I hadn't done this since I was since then just seems to be moving in fast-forward and I have been barely hanging on by my fingertips.  So, now that I'm at the start of my 30s, it's probably important that I set my sights on a few least those I can attain before the zombie apocalypse, anyway...

  • Say "I love you" more often
  • Be present 
  • Find something important I did in every day
  • Take more deep breaths
  • Drink more red wine
  • I guess I'd better drink more water, too
  • Be involved in the process, not the product or end result
  • Take more pictures
  • Practice more gratitude
  • Make more home-cooked meals
  • Listen to more music
  • Defend my free time with Shug
  • Appreciate every day
  • Quit comparing!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Music Monday: Ty Segall

This kid is SO talented and SO prolific.

It's so inspiring to hear such amazing music come from someone so young!

Happy New Year!
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