Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh, hai.

Why, hello!  Where have you been for the last half-year, you ask?  Oh, just caught up in the ever-quickening pace of adulthood.  And let me tell you, the perks...let's just say they be few and far between.

The crap no one ever tells you about being a grown up include:

  • When you get 4 hours of sleep, people can tell
  • And those people literally TELL you when you have gotten 4 hours of sleep
  • Those funny faces your mom told you not to make because your face will stick that way...your face totally sticks that way now
  • Words like mortgage, refinance, escrow are not just boring words the guy you are SOGLADYOUDIDNOTMARRY said all of the time
  • Nobody does your laundry except you
  • It's not ok to have a "laundry day" outfit anymore (I'm looking at you ripped green sweatpants!)
  • While adults get to drink adult beverages, you can't drink them like you're a crazy kid anymore
  • Annnnd you should have totally worn more sunscreen
The GOOD stuff people never tell you about being a grownup include, but aren't limited to:
  • You get to go home with the cutest/smartest/kindest/funniest man in the room
  • If you want to have Cheetos for dinner no one is gonna stop you...except for the above guy;)
  • Shellac and Gelish did not exist when you were younger and now your nails are hawt
  • You realize your time is valuable...
  • ...As are your good friends
  • Since your time is so valuable, it makes it easier to trim out the people that aren't good for you to be around
  • The time you do get to spend with those you love is all the sweeter, because you have less time to spare
I hope you all are doing well out there!  I'm always so shocked and honored to see that Goldteef still gets around 300 unique visitors a month, even when I haven't posted in an eternity!  I hope to visit a little more often, now that I am starting into my clinical rotations, but we'll have to see how I fare!

Here's hoping you are enjoying the beautiful summer with people that you love!

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