Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Resolutions Over Here...

...But I definitely have a list of things I'd like to focus on more in 2012.

I have to begin with telling you that I had a teensy-weensy existential crisis the other day, after perusing many of the beautiful blogs that I'd been neglecting over the course of the semester.  One of the blogs has been recounting the journey of this painfully hip couple in adopting their 9-year-old daughter from Africa.  Now I had just assumed that this couple was in their late twenties-early thirties.  They are a very talented design and photography team and really seem to have their shit together.  PLUS they are adopting a little girl, which means they have, like, super-ultra-shit-togetherness.  A recent post was a celebratory birthday post for the wife...who was turning 23...!  Yep, 2-3.  Not even MID-twenties and this chick is traveling over oceans to adopt her daughter!!!

Yeah, downward spiral into self doubt and deprecation ensued.  I started to notice ALL of the blogs I've been admiring are made by CHILDREN.  There is some young-successful-hipster-vitamin-gene that makes really beautiful blogs and websites and updates them daily.  These kids have careers, are married, have kid(s) of their own, pay mortgages, and post daily pictures of their abominably cute outfits.  In a sentence: I felt really behind.

After a few deep breaths and an episode of Friday Night Lights, I took a little inventory of where I am and where I'd like to be.  To be honest, I hadn't done this since I was since then just seems to be moving in fast-forward and I have been barely hanging on by my fingertips.  So, now that I'm at the start of my 30s, it's probably important that I set my sights on a few least those I can attain before the zombie apocalypse, anyway...

  • Say "I love you" more often
  • Be present 
  • Find something important I did in every day
  • Take more deep breaths
  • Drink more red wine
  • I guess I'd better drink more water, too
  • Be involved in the process, not the product or end result
  • Take more pictures
  • Practice more gratitude
  • Make more home-cooked meals
  • Listen to more music
  • Defend my free time with Shug
  • Appreciate every day
  • Quit comparing!

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  1. Wow, I'm right there with you. That being said, you are your blog seem pretty together and wonderful. No worries! Cheers to the New Year!


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