Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Link Love and Lovelies

Shhhh.  Can you hear that?  It's the last seconds of my winter break ticking away, slowly but surely.  I feel I got SO much accomplished in these past few weeks, I also still have a laundry list of "to-do's" that just didn't get any attention!  I must say, it was so very nice to catch up with good friends, some of them on similar paths with me in the education world.  I may have had too many sweets, too much wine, and not enough sleep and I am THRILLED that I did!  I am wrapping up my break this weekend by spending some time with Mummateef and maybe having some drinks with Supermodel and BBF.

I hope you have a nice and restorative weekend!  Here's some love to get you through the weekend!

~ The sweetest little skull I ever did see!

~ Who says we need a New Year for a sequin photobooth?

~ Elbow patch the world!!!

~ Cutest style.

~ LOVE this no-makeup look.

~ I'll take one of everything, please.

~ Maybe I'll be sipping a few of these this weekend!


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