Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Giving Ourselves a Break

I love this clip because it explains how inherent it is in all of us 
to not be perfect.

While I feel I am ususally forgiving of other people's mistakes and 
shortcomings, I am not so kind with my own faults.
I expect that I operate mistake-free and that is impossible!

For example, I had a rough day where I had erroneously
stated a client's birthplace to be in one state as opposed to the 
correct state in some important documentation.

It caused a real kink in the works, to say the least, and while
everyone was very quick to point out my error (and even get a
little angry with me), I was the one who beat myself up the most.

After a day of knots in my stomach and kicking myself, I realized
that I'm ALLOWED to make mistakes because I'm HUMAN.
It just happens sometimes.

So here's to a week of not being so hard on ourselves!


  1. Seriously. People need to lighten up, myself included. It's not the end of the world!! *hug*

  2. I loved this post! Thanks so much for the great little clip.
    And poo on your workers who got mad-maybe they should focus on all the AMAZING things you do every day!


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