Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Soooo, my schedule is super-jam-packed this semester and I'm already feeling tuckered out.

Shug and I had a sweet little six day reprieve known as a honeymoon in some parts of the world just three weeks ago. Shug, the good sport that he is, agreed to a truncated trip in exchange for a real-deal honeymoon to Europe next summer. Now that we've been back and pummeled by real life, I realize how wise he was to want the real-deal following our wedding. I'm still utterly exhausted.

In my anxiety-induced insomnia, I was perusing the interweb for energizing tips and ideas. Being a barista, I already have access to inhumane amounts of caffeine...which I've been consuming for the whole of my young life. Coffee just doesn't WORK anymore, and yes, I know that I'm addicted.

I decided to up the heath ante, if you will. While black coffee has a few benefits to stave off Ahlzeimer's and stain your teeth, I needed something that was actually healthy and energy-sustaining.

Enter the Raw Food way of life.

Now before you freak out and think that I'm going to subsist on lettuce and wheat grass, let me allay your fears. I'm planning on doing an 80/20 split of raw food, mainly for brekkie and lunch, while eating normal people food for dinner. I'm still going to drink the copious amounts of coffee and red wine that has sustained me thus far. I will not be a super-weird fanatic that throws out her microwave in hopes that it will shed a few pounds...because I don't want to lose a few pounds, I just want to not fall asleep in class.

I'll keep you posted on the results. I think I may have even talked Shug into being on board for 20% of the time!

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  1. Have you ever been to Omar's in Sugarhouse?

    OMGSH. Go. Now.


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