Friday, June 11, 2010

Bish, plz.

Dear Individual with an opinion all your own,

You are SO special!  Thank you so much for gracing me with your opinion of my appearance.  I don't have the pleasure of knowing you in real life, but I am seriously SO grateful that you took the time out of your obvs busy day to comment on a picture of me on facebook.

Not only will I be sure to never NOT impress strangers on the internet again, I will be sure to clear any picture that will be posted of me with you to make sure YOU are impressed (cuz that's what I live for!) before I even think of putting my gross face/body/style out there on the internets.

Whew!  You really saved me from such anguish and torture!  Honestly, I am so lucky that you shared your awesomeness and excellent taste!!!

xo foreves,

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