Sunday, December 13, 2009

Need. Not want.

How amazing are these hanging sculptures by Maureen Shields?
I could see these hanging in my weird stairwell.


  1. o most definitely. but unfortunately my ceilings are really really low and so for me it would have to be "want.not need" hahahaha

    how was that show?

    also, I made one of your recipes of the week - pasta or not pasta with goat cheese sauce...

    3 words - A.MA.ZING!

    it was soo delicious and very filling and only took me about 3 minutes after the noodles were done.

    next I'll be trying the butternut squash risotto ... yum!


  2. oh how neat! last summer when we went to hungary we saw some amazing clay sculptures. this totally reminds me of them.


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