Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Serves Me Right.

Remember how p.o.'d I was a week or so ago because Shug kept on buying himself stuff during the holidays? Well, after serving myself a big ol' slice of hypocrite pie, I decided to buy myself something before Christmas: a new camera.

This camera was supposed to make my dreams come true. It was miniature, cute, vintage-looking, digital, uber-portable, cute, came in a fancy-schmancy wooden box, weighed mere ounces, and it was cute. Did I mention how cute this camera was? I wanted, nay, I NEEDED this little beauty to be perfect. Why? Well, I didn't consult Shug about purchasing it...I just up and bought it myself...Without consulting the world's expert-on-damn-near-everything-camera about it!

Annnnd, let's just say that I have learned that cameras that are cute don't always take the best pictures....

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
It's being shipped back today...Shug's gloating has added the insult to cute camera injury.


  1. Ha! THat strikes me as so funny! It sure IS a cute camera though. See, only you and I and a few other lucky souls can be cute on the outside and functional inside. :)
    Hee Hee.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. that camera IS cute! It makes me so sad that it takes crappy pictures!

  3. Awwww it's not your fault---I would have bought it too! Too cute. Such a pity the images aren't up to par with the product design... Now go treat yourself to something else, preferably something that functions : )
    XX Kate

  4. oh how funny...but it WAS a cute camera! too bad the pics didn't work out.
    xoxo alison


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