Monday, August 30, 2010

Bestest Best's Wedding

Bestest Best had her wedding at the beautiful Red Butte Gardens at the end of July.  The ceremony took place in the Fragrance Garden that was alive with bees and the heavy scent of lavender.  Hearing Bestest Best and her betrothed exchange vows while the summer breeze carried it away was such a lovely gift.

The weather was truly perfect for a typically hot and sunny Utah July day.  The entire morning was sweltering, that's why I look so frumpled in all of the pictures Shug took of me!  But the breeze started blowing about 15 minutes before the ceremony and then rain came after everyone moseyed down from the Fragrance Garden for the celebration to begin!  The rain lasted only a bit, but it cooled off the gardens so we could start to dance!

An old German saying is that it's good luck to have bad weather on your wedding day, but Bestest Best and her betrothed got an even more auspicious sign: a little rainbow peeked out after the rain stopped!  It was one of the happiest days.


  1. Ooooo so beautiful! I love the color and style of your dress.

    One of my best friends is getting married next year. Its a highlight of the year.

  2. looks like you did end up finding the perfect yellow dress! gorgeous. little rainbow O-M-G.


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