Friday, August 13, 2010

...In which I discover I'm old as the hills.

I've kinda been on board with being an adult for awhile.  Ok, maybe not that long, but I do realize I'm not a spring chicken anymore.  I also realize I'm not an old bat...not yet, anyway.  If you ask me about new music, I can have a conversation with you.  If you ask me what new trends are on the backs of the populous, I'd be able to point you in the right direction.  I have a facebook page and I know that MySpace is for losers.  I tweet.  Sadly, I know who Justin Bieber is.

Last night, while laughing and talking with my cousins, scary movies came up.  We stated talking about all of the scary movies we can't stand and those movies that are the perfect mix of storyline and startling.  My cousin asked, "I was watching this old movie the other day and it was SO scary! I don't know what it was called but it has the Ghost Whisperer in it!" 

Shug's and my jaws dropped.  OLD. This OLD movie.  A movie that every single one of my friends had seen a least once because it was the perfect date movie (because you could grab your date when you were scared and eat popcorn during the not-so-scary parts).  "You guys haven't heard of I Know What You Did Last Summer?" I asked.  BLANK STARES.  "No," they all answered.  "What about Scream?"  Another no.  Shug and I both slumped down in our chairs, heavy with the burden that we were, indeed, old people.

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