Wednesday, September 8, 2010


...What in the world am I going to wear for shoes while in Paris?
(Such a privileged, question, I know...)
But seriously,
are there some comfortable and cute shoes that won't scream "TOURIST!"
like the white sneakers or comfort sandals exemplified above?

I really am at a loss for what footwear I should pack in my very limited
backpack space...

Your answers are needed!



  1. Bensimon are the French girls answer to Converse all stars, and they fold up unto your backpack really easily!

  2. I'm wearing my

    to Rome. I think they'll work for Paris too.

  3. i say get what you want but wear sole inserts. i wore my converse and i was ok (not very fashionable though).

    you will see tourists mostly in sneakers. you'll know when it's a parisian because they're speed walking like they know where they're going and their outfit is amazing yet...effortless.

  4. I usually go with something like Ked's because you can wear them with anything & still be cute & they are washable, foldable {good for small spaces}

  5. Oh well, let's see, the last time I was in old Pear-ee, I wore my smart and sensible fluffy slippers. Oh, wait-that might have been in Greece-or was it Milan? Sheeh...I just can't seem to remember. It didn't matter anyway since I rode piggy back on that peasant all around the town, as it were. My feet were cozy as could be.

    Oh the horribly difficult decisions we face....

  6. By "peasant" do you mean "husband"? If so, I PLAN on it;)!


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