Monday, February 7, 2011

A Gentleman's Evening with Whiskey...

Planning a party can be so fun, but I've usually had the pleasure of getting the details of the celebration in order with my partner in crime, Shug.  Since this Gentleman's Evening was supposed to be a surprise, I couldn't enlist my spouse for his creative powers, and what's more, I had to keep all of it a secret from him.  I can't tell you what was more stressful: planning a party without Shug or keeping a secret!

The Gentleman's Evening was highlighted by a few themes: whiskey, tobacco, and a lumberjack photo booth!  I ordered corncob pipes and loose pipe tobacco for the guests that wanted to partake and had chocolate cigarettes for the guests who did not!  *Disclaimer*  Smoking is dangerous and yucky!  Don't do it!
Guests brought their favorite sipping whiskeys and we supplied the mixers and food!  Pulled pork sandwiches were on the menu along with a crowd favorite: chocolate-covered bacon!
I made three pounds of bacon and it all but disappeared by the end of the evening!  I'll post the recipe later this week.  Our Lumberjack Photo booth was truly the success of the night!  And beards-on-a-stick are genius!

Luckily, Shug and BBF had a great time!  But I am not throwing Shug another surprise for a million years.  Seriously!  I need his creativity and great ideas!
Have you ever thrown a surprise party?  How did it go?

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