Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Natural Beauty: Eyebrows

Eyebrows are having a serious "moment" right now.  Everyone from the exploited "models" from American Apparel to your local, chic shopgirl are sporting full and natural brows.  Since my formative years were spent watching the Scream movies and My So-Called Life, my eyebrows were plucked to about an inch of their lives to try to emulate the leads' pencil-thin brows.  Unfortunately, my once strong brows never fully recovered from the 90s Tweezergate.

Eyebrows are the easiest and most impactful way to make a change in your "look."  Since I am loving the full brow trend, I have been plucking super-minimally and filling in the rest with a brow pencil.  A strong brow really doesn't need a lot of make-up!  It's usually a light coat of mascara for me and a little sweep of blush for color and I'm good to go!

Someone with AMAZING brows told me she uses the "Anastasia Method" to keep her brows looking good.  She goes once a month to a professional brow shaper and then just plucks to maintain their shape for the next few weeks.  I'm thinking of giving it a try, even though I have wimpy brows now!

What do you think?  Are full brows awesome or caterpillar-y?


  1. I love full brows lately! I stopped plucking mine a while back. Mine are full, but not overly so, and I can just pluck a few strays here and there once in a while. It's not only prettier, but it's also EASIER.

  2. SO true! Full brows are def easier!

  3. What about the Brooke Shields?

    I've never followed these trends, always did the hippie natural thing... but one thing I love about this new trend is that IT HAS STOPPED THE MANI PEDI LADIES FROM HARRASSING ME!

    It used to be that I couldn't get even close to a mani pedi shoppe before one of the ladies was harrassing me to make a facial hair removal appointment, but now due to the new "in" full brow, I don't need to hear about it anymore! hooray!


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