Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tomboy Style

Coco Chanel built her entire fashion ethos around the mixing of masculine and feminine styles to create a chic and timeless look.  This mixing of aesthetics still works today for women wanting a comfortable and cute way to put their outfits together.  Here are a few tips to take a page out of the boys' fashion playbook!

  • A fitted, structured blazer looks awesome over just about anything!  That frilly, girly dress you bought for a wedding you had to go to last summer becomes instantly wearable out to dinner with a shrunken blazer with the sleeves rolled up!  Have cutoffs and a tee you want to wear out on the town?  Throw that blazer on with some heels and you are the cutest girl on the dance floor!
  • When in doubt, a watch is the only accessory you need.  Seriously.  Think of women you see draped in jewelry, it almost ALWAYS looks fussy and high-maintenance.  A classic watch can be worn with almost any combination of clothes and it will work!  Don't trust me?  Think of how cute a watch would look worn high on the forearm with a wispy sundress.  The mix of masculine and feminine is just enough to create some interest...And you will be able to tell the time without checking your phone!  WHAT?!!?
  • Cutoffs, cutoffs, and more cutoffs.  Ok, this is a throwback of 70s boy style, but a cute pair of cutoffs can rough up any frilly shirt or prissy heel to make it just perfect!
  • A fresh white tee or tank is the best way to draw attention to your face.  The clean palate of the white frames your face and is a perfect counter to a more dramatic lip or eye.  Think about how cute a strong red lip would look with a simple husband-beater tank and a topknot in your hair.  I know!
  • Always pair something girly with something masculine to achieve that perfect balance.  That tough leather jacket?  Oh, just put on a flowy, floral skirt.  A crisp button up shirt?  Totally needs some delicate heels.  A chunky fisherman's sweater?  Reign it in with a thin leather belt.  
See?  Tomboy style is truly easy to achieve and even easier to wear!

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