Friday, October 7, 2011

Link Love and Lovelies

Crazier weeks have happened, but I daresay this has been a pretty insan-o week for me!  I had my first midterm for my graduate program and.......well, let's just say I'm glad I won't get my grade back until the end of the month!

I am SO excited, though, because I get to hang out with Mumma and Sissyteef soon!  We're planning on brunching and girltime, both of which I am sorely in need of!  It can feel really isolating when you are just plowing ahead with little time for friends or family, so needless to say I am over the moon that I get to spend an entire day with these ladies!

~  Shug and I were in Paris this time last year and we couldn't miss it more!

~ Going to make this!  It's gluten-free AND lemon-y, i.e. perfection!

~ EVERYthing in this collection.

~ This serum has brightened my skin like crazy.  Highly recommend!

~ Adore this chair makeover.

~ This.

~ LOVE her house!

Have a lovely fall weekend!

*Photo of me jaunting through the gardens of Versailles last year.  No big deal.;)

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