Monday, December 19, 2011

Hoo-to the-ray and a Music Monday!

I.  Am.  Finished.  With.  Finals!!!!!  It feels so good just typing those words!  I probably don't need to mention that I couldn't have done it without my sweet, sweet husband, who was the most supportive force in the world.  From bringing me home soul-restoring pho to tucking me in at two in the morning for a couple hours of sleep to just telling me "I can do it!" - I am forever grateful...and he's gotta do all of this again next semester...BUT, we won't ruin the start of my winter break with talk of next semester!

So, you know what I missed like crazy during super-busy-school-no-fun-time?  Music.  I am excited that I get to listen and share some of my finds with you!  This is Zoo Kid.  Not only does he have sick hair, his guitar-playing chops are impressive.  It's just the mellow stuff needed to ease into vacation-mode.

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