Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Letterpress Lovliness

Shug and I definitely were all about cutting corners and sticking to a budget when wedding-spending was going down, but we decided early on that there were a few things we would not scrimp on: photography and invitations. ( I also tried rationalizing splurging on a Vera Wang gown, but the feeling of nausea wouldn't pass when the ordering process I scrapped that horrible idea!)

Shug, being the graphic artist, had a pretty clear vision of what we should send out and that it should be nothing other than letterpress.

We found a great local company, Mandate Press. They were so amazing in working with Shug's ideas and making it happen in an extremely tight amount of time. They were so nice and professional, I wish I had other letterpress jobs I could use them for! I highly, highly recommend them.

Hey, you can't rush the artistic process, right?

P.S. The countdown continues. Denial still in full effect.


  1. oooo i am in absoulute agreeance. you can not skimp on invitations and photographer! i am willing to spend a pretty penny on the person taking the pictures. and if you have shitty invitations people may get the wrong idea and think the wedding will be horrible.

  2. So true! But the nice invites may set some's expectations a tad too high...!

  3. invitations are really driving me mad. how pretty does the penny have to be, really?!


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