Monday, August 24, 2009

And now the real celebration begins...!

~Because I have a husband that thinks I look cute in the mornings.
~Because I have a puppy who loves me (almost as) unconditionally as my marido.
~Because I start a new job tomorrow that, gasp, is actually in my field of study!
~Because I start school today.
~Because the beautiful weather followed us wherever we went on our road trip.
~Because we have the most amazing, loving, kind friends and family that made our celebration a success!
~Because I found gluten-free chocolate-covered donuts and I had to eat two for breakfast since we haven't any groceries.

P.S. Look how amazing this portrait is of Ruby!! My friend Kenzie painted it herself! She and her man even made the decoupage frame! It was one of the most thoughtful and beautiful gifts we've ever received! PLUS she just got married on Saturday! Congrats!

Photo via Keep on Creating


  1. I'm so glad you're back! I've been having major Lauren withdrawals, which is odd considering I never really see you when you're here anyway! Now that we're both students, we should have homework dates. Just a suggestion.

  2. I know we don't see each other THAT much, but I missed you! Glad you're home! Amazing painting of Ruby!!!

  3. Hey Lauren.
    Thanks for posting the photo of me and your dog painting. I am really glad you liked the gift. I thought you would based on how often I see that pup here on your blog.
    I hope your honeymoon was great. We just got home from ours yesterday. Let me tell you-food poisioning is NOT a good honeymoon plan.

    Oh, my address is 1430 binford st. Ogden, 84401
    I send you my love, Mrs.!!

  4. Food poisoning? That is terrible! I'm so sorry! Thank you, again, for the lovely gift! Yours should be arriving soon!



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