Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Neverending Quest for Chic

I've stumbled across many a style blog and "real life" ladies who refuse to wear jeans. I mean as in NEVER. Being from a big, rectangular-y, north-western state, the thought of eradicating jeans from my wardrobe could be likened to getting rid of, oh say, my shirts...Like all of them: t-shirts, blouses, tanks, and the occasional oxford. I would have no fabrics to cover the girls and winters would be more than just a logistical problem.

Now, I KNOW Coco Chanel wouldn't have ever worn jeans, but she also had minions to throw their coats over puddles for her. Laura Bennett, from Project Runway 3, adopted riding pants as her go-to "jeans," complete and costume-y with shiny riding boots. Naomi, of Rockstar Diary fame, is much too busy making cupcakes and leaping to be tied down by denim.

And, yes, I agree, to a point, that skirts and dresses are lovely and feminine and classic. I also know that an ill-fitting pair of jeans can really, really ruin your month or year or decade (see Mischa Barton above). Yes, jeans can be pedestrian, but I'm from a town of ~500 peeps and very, very far from any city center that remotely cares about fashion in terms of stodginess and snobbery...

But a perfectly fitting pair of jeans...no muffin-top in sight, wash just dark enough, with the oh-so-right-it's-wrong pair of shoes...well, it's beyond chic. It's true love.


  1. Im totally with you, I live in denim.
    I have faded, dark rinse, sandblasted, blue, grey & black: Boot cut and skinny...I only own 4 pairs of 'pants' that aren't jeans!

  2. My actual "pant count" is in the single digits, too!


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