Monday, August 3, 2009

Wedding Portrait

Shug and I couldn't be happier with our portrait...Isn't he the cutest? TuesdayMourning did such a fine job! This is really going to make our wedding day all the more special! We really wanted something unique from the usual engagement photos and this really fit the bill!

Ok, so now I'm officially getting excited...!


  1. this is so cute!

  2. Thanks! I kinda think so, too!

  3. oh you two look so adorable!!! i love this!!!

  4. Adorable!
    I love the 2 color stuff at her shop...I would be PUMPED if one of these came in the mail.

  5. Thanks! I really did a little dance when I received this in the mail!

  6. what a good idea! oh my gosh this is so cute and there are so many cool things you guys can do with it!

    also... my word verification was "coking." whaaaa..?

  7. Weird! We actually have made this portrait the theme for our wedding! It's on our programs, favors, invites. you name it!!



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