Friday, November 13, 2009

Mushroom Cloud Layin' Mutha'effer

Only the very unlucky have had to listen to me cry and whine about a required class I've taken this semester. Not only is this an online class and I am involved in post-graduate work that is probably the most diametrically opposed subject to internet-only communication, but the instructor and I...well, we're not buddies.

We're not biffs for many, many, many reasons, but the main reason is that I go to a public university known for it's open-minded approach to politics, lifestyles and the like. Usually, my classes are sure to cover the entire spectrum of human nature, but this online class has managed to remain staunchly ignorant to about 90% of the population and the way they choose to live.

So, yeah, I've had a few aneurysms over this class this semester.

But things got a lot worse at about 9:46pm last night.

To premise: every single one of our online postings and assignments have been due at midnight over the course of the semester. And when glancing at the syllabus, I THOUGHT our behemoth of a term paper was indeed due at midnight, as well. Natch, right? BUT, the syllabus did say the words "midnight" for all of the previous assignments, as opposed to 12:00am. For some reason, the syllabus said just 12:00 for the big ol' final paper, which, preceded by all of our other assignments, I assumed was midnight, as well. This would be the kind of midnight where carriages turn back into pumpkins and I would be finished with the most abominable term paper to date.

Well, it wasn't. This mental heavyweight I have had the horrible luck of studying under had posted that our assignments were due at 12:00pm. As in: high noon. As in: not midnight. I had just posted my term paper 9 hours and 46 minutes late. I know this may sound insane, but when the big hand and the little hand are on the "12" it could be either midnight or noon...That's why we have those little letters to follow the time, just to let all the imbecile students know when they need to turn in a paper worth HALF of their grade.

If she doesn't accept this as "on time," a screed has already been scribbled to the department on HOW TO TELL TIME.

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