Monday, November 23, 2009

What Weekend?

Whoa. This weekend was so fun and I'm exhausted! We had a Friendsgiving Feast along with a Friendsgiving miracle! I'm sure this week is going to be just as crazy for you as it is for me! In my love of making checklists, lets indulge ourselves, shall we?
  • Make checklist. Check.
  • Write asinine paper for online class of death.
  • Write letter to department concerning asinine peeps teaching asinine classes.
  • Wait to mail letter until grades are posted.
  • Write paper for substance abuse class.
  • Finish project for group counseling class.
  • Take the Rubester to the vet to check her stitches.
  • Get some puppy Valium so Rubes will allow for said stitches to heal.
  • Work!
  • Let Shug use the computer...At least a little.
  • Work out...the hallowed treadmill is here!
  • Get thyself to a Thanksgiving Feast.
  • Before feasting, make mashers.
  • Have a girl's day with Shug's sisters.
What fun things do you have on your checklist this week? I'm saving the decorating for the holidays until next week...That is a checklist in and of itself!

Photo via Shug before the Friendsgiving Feast!

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