Monday, April 5, 2010

Garden-Starting...No, Garden-Trying

Well, it's official: Shug and I (mostly Shug) have decided to give gardening a try.  We've prepped the soil, tilled in the best organic cow poo, and even started a compost bin!  The sun was shining on our efforts last weekend and we had aspirations to get a few hardy plants in the ground yesterday.

But, in our gardening zeal we forgot the most important aspect of a successful garden: good weather.  I don't mean "good weather" as a constant temperature in the mid-80s, a few perfectly formed cumulus clouds floating by being sure to detour around the sun so as not to block its gentle beams, and a cooling breeze that kicks up only when I need to dab the ladylike glow of perspiration from my SPFed 55 brow.  No.  All I'm asking for, in official Spring mind you, is for the ground to quit freezing and the damned snow to stop flying! 

Shug and I awoke to three inches of snow blanketing our prepped earth, with one valiant and reckless scallion plant trying to maintain its posture under the weight of a heavy cap of ice.  Ruby tried to make us feel better by promptly pooping on the mound of lonely soil, letting us know ALL that digging and shoveling and tilling did NOT go to waste - its the perfect doggy potty, she seemed to communicate.

With more snow in the forecast today, Shug and I may have to postpone our planting even longer.  I'll keep you posted on how the gardening battle wages.

Do you like gardening?  Do you have any tips on how to get your veggies to flourish?  Any organic gardening tips?  I will take any and all suggestions!

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  1. Mother's Day seems to be the safest day to plant in SLC. Even then you'll have to be on frost-guard. I always kept a fleece blanket handy to throw over my teensy tomato starts :)


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