Monday, April 19, 2010

Tongue Kisses are on Hiatus

I am super sick right now.

It seems my body got word that I had a few days off
and decided to MAKE me take a break 
with a horrible cold.
The bum deal is that I still have a ton of papers
and final projects that need to be completed!

Shug and Ruby are only allowed to kiss each other.
I don't want to give anyone else this grossness.

If you would, send some healing thoughts my way.
Pretty please.


  1. #1 - Feel better soon! I was sick like this a couple weeks ago and it was torture, but lots of soup & juice pulled me through. You'll be able to kiss Shug and Ruby soon!!!!

    #2 - Thank you so much for you kind words on my post. I really appreciate that. I was having one of those moments that comes and goes ... especially when I see all the engagements coming out of the woodwork ... but nonetheless, thank you!


  2. hope you feel better soon! just getting over a cold myself. my man is hating me though! he's all sick and actually has to work. HEALING THOUGHTS!


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