Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Burning House

Have you heard of The Burning House?  It's a site dedicated to what people would grab on their way out of their house if it was on fire!  It's pretty interesting to see what people choose!  I was inspired to do my own burning house post, and this is what I ended up with:

  1. An old woodcut painting from Greece I found at an estate sale.
  2. The wedding portrait of Shug and me.
  3. My yellow silk shoes I wore at my wedding.
  4. My wallet and passport.
  5. My sweet, sweet iPhone.
  6. Two letterpress letters from Paris.
  7. Old cat eye glasses I wore in high school.
  8. The cork from my engagement champagne.
  9. The BEST-fitting pair of worn-in Loomstates.
  10. My favorite yellow sweater.
  11. Mixtapes from when I was little-bitty.
  12. My silly high school yearbook.
  13. A box of old pictures of my family.
  14. Love notes from Shug.
  15. And, of course, Ruby.
  16. Not pictured, Shug!

What would you take?


  1. There are so many, many things I would take, I don't know where I would begin. But photos/letters/memories always seem like a big one. I always want to put them all in a bin that I could grab, just in case. But there are so darn many of them!

  2. this was interesting to see today as a friend of mine is from a city(or town) where there is a fire that has already burned down 1/3 of the city. Everyone had to be evacuated out so quickly but it always makes you think what you would take if you were in their shoes.

  3. Just read about this on Honestly, WTF? I love these photos. Little Rubyyyy <3

  4. Katie, when are you getting a dog;)? I need a better camera to even begin to rival the beauty of some of those photos! April, I am so sorry to hear about your friend, I hope they are safe and doing well. Marty, I had the same epiphany! I need to just put all my irreplaceables in a big bin so I can grab it and GO!


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