Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oui ou Non? Midi-Length Skirts

While I think these midi-length skirts look smashing on these rail-thin, willowy models, I wonder if these skirts would skew "frumpy librarian" on a regular gal, like me.  I looooove skirts in the summertime, since they are airy and breezy in the warmer temperatures and that chambray skirt with the button-front is a-callin' my name.  What do you think?

All skirts at Madewell.


  1. I think these skirts are perfect. I can't seem to tolerate minis and long skirts flood me. LOVE your picks too.

  2. I love these skirts! The only thing I ever have to worry about with skirts like these is whether or not they'll make my hips/butt look super full. I think the trick to avoiding that for me is a nice, fitted top, more like the 1st and 3rd pics. Good summer look!


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