Thursday, May 5, 2011

Natural Beauty: Vitamins Schmitamins

"Vitamins" used to be a four-letter-word when I was a kid.  After I'd picked all of the red Flinstones out of the vitamin bottle, it would be a battle each day to get down all the other horrible flavors.  I now can't live without my daily dose of vitamins and supplements (or at least it feels that way!)

A part of my natural beauty regimen is making sure my skin and hair are nourished from the inside out.  I had some serious skin problems going on and I found that, no matter what I slathered on my skin, it was something that was out of balance in my system that was making my skin unhappy.

For me, certain foods make my skin (and whole stinking body!) unhappy.  A biggie for me is wheat.  Since I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I've found that when some gluten sneaks its way into my diet, my skin pays the price.  I can bet on loads of sugar to make my skin break out, too!  I may be able to indulge in a gluten-free cupcake here and there, but once I've made lots of sugar a big part of my food choices for the week, my skin looks worse for the wear!

I also figured out what vitamins and supplements work for me to keep my skin in balance.  I was taking supplements geared toward clearing up my adult acne, but now that it is under control, I've switched to a more whole-body approach to keeping my skin in balance and looking its best.   Every day I take:
The multivitamin is pretty self explanatory, but I've found that taking fish oil has really helped with the moisture of my skin.  Now be warned, your skin might go a little nuts when you first start taking the fish oil!  I started out with just 1000mg a day and worked up to 3000mg.  You may break out or see an increase in the oiliness of your face, but trust it WILL settle down!

I also found that taking pro-biotics has really helped the clarity of my skin.  I like PB-8 because it has pro-biotics for both your small and large intestine and it doesn't have to be refrigerated!  Pro-biotics are amazing for your digestion and other body systems.

The Evening Primrose Oil, CoQ10, and Resveratrol complex are all great for keeping my skin happy.  Certain famous dermatologists have been selling their own supplements that include these nutrients, but for $5 a day!  I have seen a difference in the clarity and smoothness of my skin after 4 months of taking these!

Whew!  It seems like a lot of vitamins to take every day, but once you make it a part of your routine (and see how much better you feel and how great your skin looks) you won't dread it like those not-red Flinstones vitamins;)!

**Of course, I am not a doctor, so consult your physician before you start taking any supplements or vitamins, since there may be side effects when taking these supplements with other medications.  Dosages are also a personal decision and should be discussed with your physician, as well!**

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