Friday, May 27, 2011

Link Love and Lovelies

May just seems to be flying by!  I think the gloomy weather has something to do with me not realizing how quickly the spring is passing.  This long weekend I hope to: have lunch with an old friend, spring clean my house, go to a barre class, have a little BBQ with my favorite peeps, and complete a craft project that's been in the works for, oh, a million years!

Here's some lovelies for your long weekend, what are you going to do with your day off?

~ A crazy interview with Courtney Love.  Love or hate, it's pretty interesting!
~ Hilarious dinosaurs!
~ Yes, please.
~ Take the long weekend to check your cosmetics for bad stuff.
~ Crazy interesting concept, but can it work IRL?
~ How to pack light and still look cute.

Also, a ton of people have been asking me where I am going for barre workouts, it's at Xtend Barre and there are locations all around the country!  I've been attending classes for about two weeks now and while I haven't seen any visible results, I feel a lot more energized and that my posture has improved.  I also got this video created by the Xtend Barre founder and it's a pretty great workout when I can't get to class!

Hope you have a nice long weekend!
See you on Tuesday!

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