Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beautiful Pizza at Pizzeria 712

There aren't a lot of reasons for a heathen like me to head to Utah County.  There is a vast shortage of coffee shops and an even shorter list of places that serve alcohol.  READ: the two beverages that make my life manageable.  Ok, ok, maybe not manageable, but I am a girl who enjoys a glass of wine or two with her meals...especially meals I get to enjoy with my husband, who I see about two days out of the week now!

Enter the holy grail of dining in Orem: Pizzeria 712.  Tucked away in an ocean of beige strip malls and condos, this little oasis leaves you positively uplifted with it's cuisine and delicious beverages.  Shug and I started our meal with a pork belly on a bed of tart cole slaw.  The pork belly was so tender we could cut it with our forks.  I enjoyed a seasonal salad with blanched almonds, fresh nectarines, green beans, red potatoes, and a simple vinaigrette.  The highlight of the dinner was definitely the pizza Shug ordered.  While I wasn't able to sample the pizza (damn you, gluten!), Shug reported the fresh mozzarella and basil paired perfectly with the thin slices of summer squash and Pecorino Romano cheese.
The art decorating the walls and the music that was the backdrop to our conversation was the icing on the cake.  Edgy, yet lovely, both the art and the ambiance were greatly appreciated!  If you are ever in Orem...I know, not very likely, but IF you're in Orem, stop by Pizzeria 712 to treat yourself for your travels!

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