Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Link Love and Lovelies

How has September flown by so quickly?  On one hand, I am grateful the semester is whizzing by and on the other I want to say "Slow down!" to the beautiful fall colors.  I'll be hitting the books all weekend preparing for a really challenging midterm, so I'll just be dreaming of a nice dinner with Shug as a reward if I make it through it! *Fingers crossed!*  What will you be doing this weekend?

~ Shug and I arrived in Paris the night this was happening last year. 
It looks so fun!

~ THIS dress...ummmmm, no.

~ Every single one of these dresses, yes please.

~ Iceland, why do you look so amazing?

~ Tres jolie.

~ I am going to make this!

~ This sweater, times infinity!

Now, go get out and enjoy the fall colors this weekend!

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