Tuesday, November 9, 2010

In which the golf courses in Ireland put a damper on our plans...

After Shug and I saw everyone off from the wedding, we were left with a couple of days to ourselves to explore the Irish countryside in our rental car.  If there is any piece of advice I can give a person wanting to travel through Ireland, it's rent a car and see the sights at your own pace!  Some of the tiniest, windiest, most deserted roads can lead to breathtaking views like this!

The innkeeper (yes, that's what she called herself!) told us we should drive out to the Old Head of Kinsale to see the ocean, lighthouse, and the beautiful cliffs.  She didn't tell us that the actual head of Old Head is private property of Old Head Golf Course!  There was a guard and a barbed wire fence to keep the non-golfing plebeians out!  So Shug and I decided to hang out and get pics of the Old Neck of Kinsale.
One side of the "neck" was insanely windy.  Shug kept on telling me to get away from the ledge since the gusts were so strong!  (I have a green tongue because Hall and Ciel left some Laffy Taffy in the car!)
The other side was calm and serene, even the water of the the ocean on that side of the neck was just rippled slightly by the breeze.  It was surreal, we only walked 25 yards to get from one side of the Old Head to the other and the weather was so different on each side!

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