Friday, November 12, 2010

Irish Snacks

It has always been fun to see what the popular snacks are in different countries.  Some places snacking isn't really a habit yet, where in other places (ahem, the U.S.) snacking seems to be a way to kill the time between meals.  Ireland is a place where snacks aren't high on the priority list, but having a biscuit or two with your tea can happen multiple times a day!

Since the biscuits or cookies that traditionally come with tea were not gluten-free, I scouted around for some wheat-free snacks.  One crazy chip flavor I found was Walkers "Prawn Cocktail" Potato Chips!  I was totally surprised at how tasty they were and they were not fishy tasting at all...they just really smelled fishy!
"Cheese and Onion" Potato Chips were pretty popular in Ireland, but the winner and most popular flavor had to be Tayto "Salt & Vinegar" Potato Chips!  These were salty and very tart, the way I like my salt and vinegar chips!

Shug took a shine to the Bourbon Creams, but stated that he couldn't detect a hint of bourbon flavor, just chocolate.  The real winner of our snack run was the Katie's Real Irish Chocolate!  It was locally made and gluten-free!
I brought back some of this chocolate and some fancy French chocolate for my dad to compare (he is the reigning expert in the chocolate department.)  The Irish chocolate won!  I think the handmade, small batches Katie's used to create her treats gave it the edge over the shi-shi-shoo-shoo French stuff.  AND the Irish chocolate was a fifth of the price!


  1. PRAWN chips? Oh my gosh! hahaha!

  2. these look tasty! one of the main reasons I would like to travel more is to sample international snacks!

  3. i totally brought prawn cocktail chips to my bff in the states because i knew she'd crack up!


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