Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Self Portraits

Since Shug and I were traveling by ourselves for the last leg of our trip, we thought it would be fun to change up the typical "subject holds the camera" self portraits.  You know, the pictures where one person holds the camera with an outstretched arm and everyone always looks out of proportion and a little pained? 

We started taking pics of ourselves in all of the mirrors we came across in the museums we were able to visit in Paris.  The first pic in the Louvre proved to be inspirational, since the guy standing next to us did the same thing after we snapped out shot!

It was fun to get pictures of ourselves surrounded by the architecture and art of these amazing museums.  Some of the pics in the Centre Pompidou the mirrors were actually part of the installations!  Despite some of our somber faces, we were having so much fun when we took the pictures!

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