Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Are you up already to cook for today?  I'm up early, but it's to go make lattes;)!  I'm so thankful for so many things, so I thought I'd list a few here:
  • My handsome husband
  • My amazing family
  • My sweet crazy doggie
  • My smart, funny, caring friends
  • My education
  • My work ethic
  • My ability to laugh
  • My warm and cozy house
What are you thankful for?  Feel free to add a few of your thanks to the comments and have a lovely and safe holiday weekend!  See you on Monday! xo.


    1. I was super sad that no one posted a comment with your lovely invitation to post, so I therefore, am posting.

      I am thankful for:

      1. Comrade Z (in total), but especially his eyelashes, and his amazing chain-putting-on-tire talents
      2. All 3 kitty cats and their willingness to use the litter tray outside on the balcony at our new apartment
      3. our new apartment and the 6 MINUTE COMMUTE!
      4. My cute sisters and their cute new hubbies
      5. satsuma oranges
      6. my job letting me decorate my office however I want to (I have a "create a commie" head with magnetic hair that you can arrange to look like whatever communist you want!)
      7. nice smelling shampoo
      8. slippers

    2. Yam, thanks for the beautiful list! Plus, why is it boys always have the most glorious eyelashes?? Not. Fair.


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