Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Natural Beauty: Stress Less!

I have realized the less I take care of my stress levels, the more I can see it in my skin.  I am sure that turning 30 also got the lackluster skin wheels turning, but my skin is the true teller if I am having a stressful week (or month)!  I've talked before about my issues with crazy skin issues as an adult after years of pristine teenage skin, but I've come to realize I wasn't stressed AT ALL in high school!  I think that's a huge reason my skin looked so good: I couldn't be bothered by anything, much less stress!

The awesome thing about being stressed out is that is usually comes with its two BFFs: lack of sleep and poor eating choices.  I don't know about you, but as soon as my daily sleep drops below 7 hours, I not only turn into a hosebeast in regards to my personality, but my skin starts to looks dull and bummed out!  Ditto for the junk food comfort I seek in times of high anxiety!  Not having time to prepare a healthy meal for myself or even demand thirty minutes away from work to grab a nourishing lunch does a number on my skin in no time.

I have started to notice that if I'm feeling consistently overwhelmed, my skin gets overwhelmed.  It starts to look dull and lackluster, there are breakouts galore, and fine lines get deeper and more noticeable.  No amount of creams or concoctions could help this situation, it's all stress-busting that needs to happen!

Some people really like yoga to get rid of stress and anxiety and I went to Bikram yoga for awhile to help with my crazy anxiety.  It really, really, really helped!  I don't even think it was so much the yoga, but the 90 minutes of ME time where I got to clear my head and not worry about anything!  I wish I had that kind of time in my schedule now!

I have found that exercise has really helped me deal with my stress, too.  A tough workout doesn't allow me the time to worry about stuff at work or at school!  I am forced to concentrate on just the movement and my breathing and that is really restorative to me.  After a couple of weeks of consistent exercise, my skin always seems to get back on track!

What do you do to deal with stress?  Some people use prayer or spend time with their pets to deal with life's craziness.  Others volunteer or spend time with people that support them.  I'd love to hear what you do!

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  1. Yoga helps me too and I think it's more about the me time also. It might sound silly but it's like giving yourself a big hug and hi5. Lame & awesome.


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