Friday, July 29, 2011

Link Love and Lovelies

Hooray!  I actually made it to my vacation!  It was a pretty great week for me: I gave my notice at work and I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  I kicked off my vacation last night with some friend time with Bestest Best and wine, natch!  I feel really grateful because I've had the opportunity to hang out with her twice in a week!  This is actually us at the Fleet Foxes show just last Friday, pay no attention to my awesome hat-hair.

I think Shug and I are going to try to make it up to Park City this weekend for our staycation.  The puppies can't wait for us to leave because Grandma and Grandpa 'Teef are going to hang out with them while we're away!  They are going to be SO spoiled by the time we get back!

Here's some loveys for your weekend:

~ Good thing I'm already married!  *Swoon*!

~ Listen to this album, it's how I'll remember her amazing talent.

~ This guy's got the right idea.

~ So perfectly pretty.

~ Adore these shorts.  So sweet!

~ How chic is she?

~ Every one of these looks inspired by Charlotte Gainsbourg is legit!

Happy weekend!

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