Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Link Love and Lovelies

I thought I'd share a little "family portrait" that our good friend, BBF, took a couple of weeks ago.
Shug and I are so very proud of our little family!
We love our puppies!

I'm excited to have a BBQ this weekend with my Mom and Dad!  My sister and her husband are coming, too!  I'm thinking we'll have pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw.  Mmm!

I feel like my weekend already got off to an amazing start, because yesterday I was lucky enough to get some dinner and have some great conversation with two amazing women!  There is something to be said for having just "girl time," you know?

Here's some loveliness for your weekend!

* I want a vacation here!

* LOVE these modern wedding invitations!

* Love this garland idea for your hair.

* Such a sweet summery look.

* Amazed at her consistent elegance!

* DYING over this find!

Have a great weekend!

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