Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation Stress...It Exists!

Shug and I are in the middle of trying to plan the littlest getaway before school starts up for me in August.  We are low on the fun money, so we have been trying to get creative as to how to actually "get away" without feeling the guilt of spending money we don't have.  I totally understand how privileged I am that I even get to talk about a possibility of a vacation, but doesn't it stress you out sometimes to get all your plans locked down for while you're away and at your destination??

We've been talking about how stressful some "vacations" have been, with a jam-packed itinerary and not any down time.  Add the stress of not speaking the local language or worrying about your bag constantly being pickpocketed and you've got yourself a full blown vacation stress situation!  Now, I wouldn't trade a single vacation experience I've had, but I will say upon my return, I've needed another vacation to recuperate from my vacation! 

This time around, Shug and I are trying to keep this little escape as low-key as possible.  We still haven't really figured out where we're going, but we DO know it will have a wide open schedule...and sunshine!  Do any of you have creative ideas for "staycations?"  Bonus points of you live in Utah or the Salt Lake Area;)!


  1. You could come to Seal Beach and bring the "kids". Lovely area, relaxing, and lots of sunshine!

  2. Janet, you are the sweetest! I feel the need for some serious beach time, but I think our budget is keeping us landlocked this time around!


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