Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Link Love and Lovelies

Well.  I have had a horrible, no-good, very bad week at work.  I feel I'm usually more resilient to the ridiculousness there, but this week my defenses were down.  The whole office (save for a bare-bones skeleton crew, including your truly, to stay and run the entire agency) went on a company-funded river trip.  Entire cases were dumped in my lap with a Post-It note of information to see me through the weekend.  To add insult to injury, cell coverage is non-existent where the whole crew is floating the river, so any questions or crisis have to wait until Monday.  Oh yeah, and I'm on call this weekend.  SO MUCH FUN.

Man, sorry I'm such a downer!  I will try to have a better weekend, and it will be impossible not to, because I get to spend Saturday evening with some of my most favorite of favorites in the world for book club!  I also get to have coffee with Bestest Best today, someone I never get to see enough of, really!  Shug and I also get to plan our staycation this weekend, and I am so grateful I have PTO to burn, now!  See, I am just a whiner, really!

Here's some loveliness for your weekend!

~ Oui, oui, oui!

~ Love her take on natural-looking beauty.

~ This airy living space is calling me!

~ Love this girl's style.

~ I need to read this 1000 more times this weekend.

~ So bright!

~ Love these Swiss posters.

I feel better already!
Have a lovely weekend!

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