Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SLC Bites Summer 2011

Yesterday, Shug and I had an adventure!  We were able to secure two spots for the summer SLC Bites, which is part of Slow Food Utah, an organization committed to delicious, locally sourced, seasonal, and REAL food.  The founders of SLC Bites took the time to tell us that they were motivated to add some fresh faces to the usually "seasoned" foodie crowd of Salt Lake City and by the looks of it, the twenty to thirty-somethings were out in full force for the event at the 15th Street Gallery!

We started the evening out with antipasti from Caputo's Market that featured cheeses made from a local Eden dairy and Creminelli cured meats.  I really liked the sour cherry preserves added to cut the creaminess of the cheese.  I may or may not have scarfed down 8 of these...

 We then moved on to a lightly seared ahi tuna medallion with toasted buckwheat and a green olive.  It was delicious!  The chef from Forage, Viet Pham, always does an amazing job of juxtaposing textures, and that was in full effect here!  (He also has fabulous taste in shoes!)
The true comfort food of the night was a pulled ginger pork banh mi, dressed with fresh cilantro, jalapeno, carrot, daikon, and cucumber for crunch.  Chef Tommy Nguyen was nice enough to make one bun-free for my gluten sensitivities!
Dessert was a gin concoction with a pineapple sorbet and smoked cedar notes!  It was a palate cleanser!  As the sorbet melted, it sweetened and mellowed the gin...soooo delicious!
Shug and I had a wonderful night and we hope to attend the next season's SLC Bites event!

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  1. Thanks so much Goldteef! We enjoyed having you all! Can't wait for you see what's in store for the next SLC BITES! See you in November!
    Best- SLC BITES


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