Friday, August 26, 2011

Link Love and Lovelies

Like, whoa.  Talk about a shift.  This past week has been soooooo...just, SO, you know?  I started my new program on Monday and not only is it going to be a full-time job, I'm going to LOVE it.  I had this moment where my stomach did a total cartwheel and I realized that I really BELONG in this program.  It was a funny realization because I have tried for so long to stay away from medicine. 

This week also reminded me of how important my friends are to me.  I have a very dear and old friend who is very ill right now and I have to ask you to send healing thoughts his way.  He is a bright and hilarious energy that could use some positive energy right now.  Thank you for thinking of him for me.

I re-learned this week that subsidized health care is a MUST in this country.  From the basis of my new graduate program to the battles my friend is fighting with modern medicine, paying for any of this out of pocket would be an impossibility.  Health care is imperative and I feel it should be a right, not a privilege.

So as I step down from my soapbox, here's some loveliness for your summer weekend!

~ Love these fresh recipes!

~ Love this attention to detail.

~ So beautiful and amazing.

~ In love with this shirt.

~ TOTALLY identify with this.

~ WHOA.  And awesome.

~ This style.  Forever.

Have a restful weekend.  

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