Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kitchen Demo Lite

Signs you are really, truly a grownup now:

~ You spend your anniversary weekend eating Taco Bell to save moolah.

~  Said anniversary weekend is also spent wrestling 60-year old cabinets out of your kitchen.

~  You are now a proud owner of a sledge hammer.

~  But you only bought the sledge hammer 
after tapping away at counter tops built for the zombie apocalypse 
with a regular ol' pantywaist hammer
...for SIX hours.

~  You had a sincere discussion about garbage disposals.

~  THEN, you spent YOUR SHOE money on a garbage disposal...

~  The best part of your day was collapsing into bed and holding your husband's hand,
knowing you did a grownup kitchen demo together.
Annnd we're still not done!

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