Friday, August 12, 2011

Link Love and Lovelies

Is is it just me or has this summer flown by?  I really can't believe I have a just little over a week to finish up at my job and start my master's program!  I'm excitednervousstressedhappygrateful!

Shug and I are going to start the adventure of demo-ing our kitchen this weekend!  Our hopes are to have it all rebuilt before school starts the following Monday...wish us luck;)!

Here's some link love for your weekend:

~ What a lovely Frances Bean she's grown up to be.

~ Hey girl, the only GIFs you'll ever need.

~ Still loving the choices people make on this site.

~ Love this dress and styling!

~ A perfect explanation about "resort collections."  
I didn't know what they were!

~ Let me loose in this shop and I'm liable to do some serious damage!

~ Another reason I love Kristin Chenoweth.

Have an adventurous weekend!

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