Friday, November 25, 2011

SO Thankful...and full!

Did you have a nice holiday?  I really did.  It was the first time I was able to prepare our Thanksgiving meal for my family, so it was really special for me!  Everything turned out really great...except the turkey, of course!  But I think turkey is just kind of underwhelming, in and of itself!

Instead of links today, I'm going list some things that I am thankful for, plus you all probably know the good Black Friday deals without my help!

~ My Shug

~ My supportive and amazing family

~ My crazy and goofy dogs

~ My intelligent and endlessly inspiring friends

~ My education...and continuing education

~ My work ethic I learned from my parents

~ My house

~ My job that has seen me through 3 degrees and counting!

~ Ryan Gosling;)

~ My car that has gotten me to and from wherever for over a decade

~ My health

~ Netflix

~ Gluten-free cupcakes

~ And pretty much a million other things!


P.S.!!!! Bestest Best is celebrating a birthday today!  Happiest b-day to her!

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