Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moving and rain showers and finals and bachelorette parties and Aunt Flo.

Sometimes it's fun to see how much you can pile on in one week.

Really, really fun.

The last time poor Shug and I moved was over two years ago and I was deathly ill with the flu the week we had to be out of our old places. He had to lug both sets of over packed boxes from both of our apartments into the new digs deemed especially for cohabitation. I helped by sleeping like Rip Van Winkle and keeping down lots of Gatorade.

He swore that the next move would be by professionals, no matter what the cost.

Well, as fate would have it, we've spent our moving money on a fridge...And it's a lovely fridge. It smells of energy efficiency and stainless steel. It lulls us to sleep at night with the twinkling sounds of fresh ice being tipped into its bin. It beeps at Shug when he dependably leaves the fridge door ajar. It's an Angel Fridge, sent straight from heaven, I tell you!

We don't miss Old Fridge at all. It smelled of sardines lodged in between a combo of butt crack and pot roast. And this is after an ammonia and two bleach washes. Enough said.

But I digress, as luck would have it, storms and more storms were predicted for last weekend, Moving Weekend.

Well, I hadn't been packing or preparing in the least since I'd been a little preoccupied with that little nuisance called "Finals." I've also been blessed with the responsibilities of throwing a bachelorette party for my sweet little sister, festivities to take place at the house we have yet to move into in 6 (!) days. So when Friday rolled around, I didn't have the first box packed.

The army of movers we'd tried to rally all were all extremely engaged with other duties when push came to shove...Friday afternoon. Our battalion consisted of dear Shug and three good (the best!) friends and myself, there for mainly moral support since I'm a wimp.

One huge U-Haul, six hours, and one Este's Pizza later, all of our furniture abominations had made it into the house!

Miracle movers, I tell you! Shug and I thought it would take at least two days!

I think Angel Fridge had something to do with it...

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  1. I'm happy to hear you got moved in ok. Brian came to see me at work when he was done helping. Good 'ol Brian! I can't wait to see your new place! I'm waiting to hear if I've got my shift covered for Friday night.

    ps. This happens to be my dream fridge!


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