Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wedding Invitation Stamps

What say you? We kinda missed the boat on the Eames Series Stamps...
And oldie stamps are super-pricey!!!


  1. Shut up. Those are awesome. I really dig em.

  2. ok, so I looked up the Eames stamps and decided that the only cool thing about them (for your purposes here) was the fact that Charles and Ray Eames were a married couple who were super successful. The end. They aren't even romantic or all that colorful or artistic or inventive or anything. They are just commemorating something (and someones) artistic and inventive. Therefore, I believe that this love stamp rocks, and it wins, and the King has a beard, which totally fits. Word.

  3. I like that the King has a beard, too! Yamshine, you convinced me!



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