Friday, May 15, 2009

S. Wedding Goodness

My little sister is kind of amazing. Besides the fact she is the best puppy wrangler this side of the Mississippi and she can do a perfect cut and color, she also was able to plan a wedding that stayed under their $5000 budget. (!)

We're still three months plus away from our wedding and we've already dashed our dreams of a 5G wedding. Here are a few of her tips on how she did it:
  • Try to make the ceremony and reception at the same location, that way you don't have to spend money on space rental, transportation from ceremony to reception, and the decorations you use for the ceremony do double duty at the reception!
  • Try to have a brunch or lunch reception. Caterers can charge twice as much for dinner fare for the same amount of guests.
  • Make your own decorations and centerpieces.
  • If you are using fresh flowers, keep it to the essentials: bride's bouquet, boutonnieres, and flower girl.
  • Do your own hair and makeup...Now S. is a certified PRO at this...I might need her expertise for my own wedding day seeing as I only know how to do my hair into a ponytail!
  • Have the ceremony at the church you regularly attend...Read: NO rental fees.
  • Dress hunt, dress hunt, dress hunt. S. was able to find a $2ooo dress for *gulp* $350!

Her wedding is tomorrow!!
Thank you, May weather, for being absolutely perfect tomorrow:)!

Photos courtesy of OnceWed. How great is that shot on the Slat Flats?

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