Friday, July 3, 2009

Like I said...Edward is a STALKER!

I already know that I am creating SO many haters by even QUESTIONING Twilight and Edward's awesomeness...But, c'mon, he is pretty creepy, physical, and pushy...All the things we need to watch out for in social predators. I mean, he IS a predator! As in: human blood is his brekkie.

Plus, Buffy is so rad it's not even funny. I love how this little clip exposes how messed up Edward and Whats-Her-Face's relationship is...

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  1. that video was awesome. but whoa whoa... little girls are watching this guy and falling in love?!

    i have to see this for myself. i mean i totally fell for Loui even when he started eating rats but he was a nice guy!


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